Vapor Cats join the Seabird Marine Fleet

Vapor Cats join the Seabird Marine Fleet

What is the Vapor Cats difference?

Vapor Cats is the result of a partnership between Paul Bury of Bury Design and Dax Callagher of CAD Projects Australia. Both companies' modus operandi is specialist vessel design, creating new boat designs for the recreational and commercial sectors all day, every day and the chances are these are the men behind the design of the boats you eye up at the boat ramp.

With a combined experience of over 40 years, Paul and Dax know a trick or two and Vapor Cats powered catamaran boats with foam-cored tunnel hull represent the next evolution in boat design.

These revolutionary pleasure craft offer wave-piercing asymmetric bows, exceptional catamaran stability and ride quality.  Designed for fishing and boating enthusiasts, each vessel is optimised for incredible storage and safety including self draining decks. 

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What do the boating experts think? 

YouTube personality The Captain reported:

"Paul Bury and Dax Callagher have dropped a cat amongst the pigeons with their all-new, resin-infused, asymmetrical Vapor Cats concept."

Check out the the Vapor Cat 5.0 catamaran